K3 for Trading

Regulatory Reporting

Simplified Regulatory Reporting = Lower Cost

K3 is changing regulatory reporting.  Businesses no longer need to suffer the massive time crunch trade reporting requires.  Trading firms can stop acquiring “technical debt,” short-term gains at great long-term expense.  K3 standard adaptors to global trade repositories cover you for these regimes:

  • Dodd-Frank 
  • EMIR Trade Reporting
  • MiFID II
  • REMIT Trade Reporting
  • Australian Trade Reporting
  • Canada Trade Reporting
  • MAS Trade Reporting
  • FinFrag Trade Reporting

CME and Abide Trade Repository Closure

K3 options for a seamless transition

Simply Repoint to Another TR

K3 makes it easy.

Simply repoint your current CME or Abide feed to K3 and the rest is history.

  • K3 is connected with nearly every TR for EMIR and MiFID II reporting.   

  • K3 is the fastest way to switch TR’s, regardless of whether you deploy in the cloud or on premise behind your own firewall.  

  • K3 is designed to compete regulatory reporting with as little IT intervention as possible.

Do You Have Bespoke Requirements?

K3 meets bespoke challenges faster than other solutions.

  • K3 is designed as a low code environment, letting users create data rules and validations on the fly.
  • Years of regulatory reporting across all regimes makes K3 a powerful, streamlined reporting solution.
  • Compared to delegated reporting, K3 provides cost-effective options without being lost in a forest of competing interests.