Your data's asleep on the job? Don't blame IT, get K3

Low Code: Because who needs potential when you can have shortcuts

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Your company's data is gathering dust like that half-eaten burrito in the breakroom fridge. Yikes!

This untouched data has the power to help you perform your job better. Unfortunately, IT is the gatekeeper and the odds are not in your favor.

So now what?

Say goodbye to data silos and hello to comprehensive insights with K3.

Seamlessly connect multiple apps, spreadsheets, and legacy systems into one streamlined database, allowing you to effortlessly access clean analytics and share them across your favorite reporting tools like Tableau and more.

Plus, K3’s no-code environment was designed with non-technical users in mind.

K3: the data solution for non-techies - no coding, no hassle, just results.

No Coding Needed

Empower your operations, marketing, and sales teams with K3, allowing them to seamlessly move data between any system and platform with its intuitive visual interface


K3 can handle complex data mapping on-premise and across cloud servers for data prep and transformation with ease.

We've Got Data Covered

K3 connects to every kind of data: new and legacy applications, databases and files in the cloud or on-premise apps.

No Hidden Fees

K3 offers one robust, easy-to-use solution at one clear price.

Data Privacy Guaranteed

Your data is your data - what a concept! Data privacy is guaranteed, we will never touch it.

Real-Time Support, Always

Unmatched technical support and experts who will help you get started and answer any questions. Give us a ring, seriously, we pick up the phone!

Revolutionize Your Global Trading with K3's Mission-Critical Data Streams

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Real-Time Regulatory Reporting

K3 is a global leader in real-time regulatory reporting and serves highly regulated entities as well as small reporters.

Exchange Integration

K3 is the industry standard for connecting trade systems to exchanges and is a certified vendor across the world's most liquid exchanges.

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Real-Time Calculations

K3 is the only solution that delivers real-time insights to exchange limits, Dodd Frank Limits, and MiFID limits.

Trade Surveillance

Certified real-time trading surveillance that enables compliance teams to leverage K3’s compliance data lake to include both physical and financial coverage.


K3 features off-the-shelf connections to your trading systems and change data capture connectors allowing you to connect to legacy and bespoke trading systems.

Give Your IT A Break

K3’s low-code design allows business analysts to manage complex trading scenarios without a single line of code.

"We book about 6 thousand trades per day. Works like a charm."

With K3, you can move files from anywhere (to anywhere!) with an intuitive visual interface, requiring no technical expertise.

K3 gets data done.

Flow chart of the types of data K3 can map

Get in touch today to explore how K3 Enterprise can solve your toughest data issues.

K3 offers us a more manageable and cost-effective way to assimilate disparate data files so Tableau's data visualization tools can assist us in providing clients with the analysis and clarity required.
Ginger Campbell
president, cobaltrx
K3's flexibility to easily integrate with our existing technology stack and global coverage made it an easy choice for our needs.
Global commodity merchant