About Us

Our Mission

Systems integration does not have to be painful.

We hate busy work. Busy work is human Kryptonite.

In our early careers we did a lot of integration work using every integration tool under the sun. So much busy work. We knew we could do better. And that is where K3 our data plumbing platform came from. K3 is designed to not only provide better technology, but technology that does not take an army of IT specialists to run.

“This is Amazing.” “If I was going to build it…this is exactly how I would do it.” You’ve saved me years of development time” These are the things we hear all the time.

Leadership Team

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Interesting Things about BroadPeak

We’re not sure when it happened and have debated the exact moment. Somewhere around 2011. After years of custom integration work, using every imaginable tool on the market, we said to ourselves: we can do a lot lot better than this. Technology is on our side, and no one is using the cool stuff yet. K3 was launched in 2012 as a finalist at Tech Crunch Disrupt.

We are a rapidly growing company and, frankly, we don’t have time for egos and internal politics. To us, what is most important is not so much what you know now, but how quickly you can learn something new and apply that new knowledge.

BroadPeak maintains a no-policy vacation policy. We have a no-policy work schedule policy. We just don’t concern ourselves with what time you come or what time you go. Job success is based on accomplishment, not what time you show up every day.