ICE Has Officially Gone Back to the Future(s)

It’s a little known fact that any time there is a trade break at any of our clients using K3, I get an alert email.  When we configure the email alerts I ask clients to put me on the distribution list for any trades received from the exchange in K3 but not able to book in the ETRM system. It just helps me supervise any troubleshooting and making sure any problems are headed off at the pass.

So with the changes on ICE, I was expecting a pretty busy morning.  And then…..Nothing.

K3 Customers Made the Transition in a Couple of Hours

At the risk of bragging, I’m happy to say that K3 clients weren’t slaving away this weekend.  Unlike approaches that use trade templates or hard-coded mappings, with K3 the update process was simple.  Our clients made the update without changing any code, doing painful technology manual labor, requiring code freezes or distracting skilled developers from other projects.

They simply opened the K3 GUI and exported affected mappings to Excel.  They then replaced affected values from the ICE spreadsheets and pasted the updated mappings back into K3.  Done.

If anything was time consuming, it was getting into the ICE Test environment and booking deals to ensure all was flowing correctly.  All in all, the process took a couple hours end-to-end and I’m proud to say that most of them did it without even having to ask for help.

Ok, I am bragging.  But if anything it’s because I’m really proud of our people and how they work smart.  I know a lot of folks spent their weekend (probably a lot of weekends) altering internal systems.  And I’ve been there, but it just does not have to be that way.

Oh yeah, and some guy jumped from 128,000 feet this weekend.  Wow.