For People Who Love Bad News…

It’s been all good news these days. Makes me think back to high school when I learned about the Stoics. Something to the effect of …destructive emotions are the result of an ershutterstock_184339940ror in judgement.  I suppose it could also be said that errors in judgement are the result of destructive emotions. Either way these are the days to set aside overhyped hyperbole and keep one’s head.

Dislocation and Disruption

Everyone (especially in tech) loves to talk about disruption. Mostly these companies are not disruptive…they are dis-locative. There is a big difference, and that difference is “the big plan.” True disruption has a “plan of being” after the dislocative event.  Remember “Occupy Wall Street?”  Lots of attention, plenty of media, a voice heard ‘round the world.  But, nary a path forward that people can get behind.  Dislocation gets a lot of attention but eventually goes quietly into the night.  Compare that to, I dunno, Alexander the great (keeping with high school classics).  War and pillage had been happening since the beginning of time.  Alexander was different.  Had a plan to instill laws, commerce and governance that forever changed the face of the world.  That’s Disruption.  So I’ll ask what you think about Brexit.  Major Dislocation or Disruption?  It’s a whole lot of hype until the UK files for an Article 50 exit.  My guess is that could take a long, long time.

The Trouble With the Spot Month

The CFTC may or may not roll out with Dodd-Frank Limits this year.  At least that’s the opinion of everyone we talk to.  Signs point to yes, but experience says no.

The exciting news is that this month we are rolling out K3 ATLAS as a stand alone product.  Atlas is a data server that assembles everything you need to correctly calculate limits across the world.

The Problem ATLAS Overcomes

Correct reference data …When we started building limits we found limits ref data to be dead wrong or entirely non-existent.  Based on the commercially available data out there, we quickly realized there is a good chance that just about everyone’s calculation is probably wrong.

What Kind of Data You Need

Current and updated limits from the exchange.

Correct exchange deltas for your options

Aggregation ratios to roll product together

Current maturity dates of all your products

And More than anything….A correctly calculated spot start date.

That’s what ATLAS provides.  We are now downloading over 1 million pieces of data a day and the first service to offer the spot start date for all products.   You can tell you IT team it’s all delivered via a nice REST API.  They will be happy as clams because they can fold it into your existing limits process in no time.
Seriously, if you are looking to clean up your limits process, give us a call. You can get real time updates to all of these data points for less than you are paying some provider to only give you limits in a CSV.  Always happy to give you a free trial to try it out.  info@broadpeak.wpengine.com