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Community Event – Get More Out of CME

Last week BroadPeak held a community event in Houston in collaboration with CME Group. It was the second in our series of fall events with the exchanges. People from all areas of trading including technology, operations, compliance, risk, etc, gathered to discuss how to get more out of their CME trade feed.

Officially, that feed is called the CME Straight Through Processing (STP) API.

Much like the last event in September, we talked about all sorts of issues that prevent us all from getting home at the end of the day.  A big one is missing or incorrect trades, which turns out is an altogether too common event.  But by collaborating with peers across the industry, many solutions were discovered and discussed.

The data supply chain doesn’t change, but we highlighted numerous ways in which the CME STP API actually makes lives easier for trading firms.


  • All trades sent consistently.  Listed, Blocks, OTC Cleared, and Broker Executed ALL come out looking the same but can be distinguished.
  • Both Exchange and Clearinghouse events are sent.
  • It’s a simple REST API with FIXML format (no FIX protocol required).
  • No security definitions to download.  (Developers love this).
  • You can request 31 calendar days of history
  • Easy to access knowledge base.

In case you missed our first event with ICE, here’s a blog post summarizing.

Would you like to join the community at our November event with the Nodal Exchange?

Email Ryan from our Houston team: and we would be thrilled to welcome you aboard.