BroadPeak announces K3 Limits update

BroadPeak’s new version of K3 Limits includes customer-focused enhancements for communications, user interface, and data enrichment.

K3 Limits will utilize an improved K3 Atlas, an enriched database of contract details, offering customers a more effective way to support compliance activity. K3 Atlas is a BroadPeak service that provides straightforward, uninterrupted API access to a rich database of contract information.

K3 Limits leverages K3 Atlas to retrieve option deltas, open interest, position limits, and other data required for its calculations. Additionally, this ATLAS enhancement will allow quicker onboarding for new exchanges.


  • Improved uptime for K3 Atlas API and improved API responsiveness
  • MiFID II limits in K3 Atlas user interface
  • Opt-in nightly email alerts highlighting day-over-day changes of position limits
  • Enriched data, including open interest values, for over 500 products across the CME, CBT, NYMEX, CBOT and DME exchanges
  • Rapid onboarding processes for new exchange data sources

We look forward to on-boarding a host of new exchanges across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia this year to provide greater coverage for compliance requirements. Stay tuned.

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