K3 offers the (only) no-code data blending solution in the industry.

As a company, Broadpeak’s K3 is the enterprise software that allows non-technical people to (finally!) get a hold of data, and put it to good use.

Broadpeak’s K3 can help you access the most complex data sets, even if they’re scattered across a handful of new apps, spreadsheets, and archaic systems…

Merge it all into one single database…

And get gorgeous, clean analytics, to share out, anytime.

(Using Tableau, or your favorite reporting app.).

If you’re in operations, marketing, sales, it’s perfect!

Because you can do all this without writing a single line of code.

There are other companies which offer similar solutions, but many of them require deep technical knowledge or a data engineering background to use.

There are some other ways to try to blend data without code (like with spreadsheets), but the setup tends to get pretty complicated.

See, the founding data nerds at K3 believe that systems integration doesn’t have to be painful!

So they created a deeply reliable system that can handle complex data mapping with ease.

Data privacy is guaranteed.

And at once clear price, K3 is easy to scale.

Plus, our no-nonsense technical staff is here to help you get set up with ease, and will happily answer software or data questions, at each stage of your business growth.

To see K3’s data blending functionality in action, watch the video here:

Or if you’d like to speak directly with our team, go ahead and get in touch.

We’re always happy to chat about how K3 can solve your toughest data issues.

You can also check out K3 reviews, at G2.com, and SoftwareAdvice.com.

While K3 was designed for non-technical folks, Sr. Developers can (also!) save themselves a whole bunch of maintenance headaches… for things that don’t really need to be done with code.