News | BroadPeak Releases Fills Aggregator

BroadPeak Partners today released the first version of its Exchange Fills Aggregation component for K3.

“It’s one of the most irritating problems for trading management.   A trader might put out an order for 100 Lots and get 6 fills.   So what was once a simple trade has now become 6 trades in the ETRM system,” said Gordon Allott, BroadPeak’s President.   “We developed a component for our rules engine that re-aggregates fills before booking into the ETRM system.  As always we are focused on referential integrity so traders have access to both the original fills and the end aggregated trades.”

The development of the Fills Aggregator allows traders to more easily view trades as they posted them as opposed to how they are executed on the market.  Likewise it eliminates the ETRM system from additional calculation overhead, shortening the end of day process.  Aggregation is now a standard component in the K3 F1 Suite.

To view a demo of the Fills Aggregator please email Vivek Pathak.

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