You don't need to be a developer to get data done.


Hybrid integration

Integration Spanning Legacy To Modern

Integration for today’s applications means connecting legacy applications on-premise, newer ones in the cloud, and some in private clouds.  Your data spans all three.  K3 integrates with legacy and new alike, regardless of where they are running.  Enterprise Integration is not just about connecting SaaS apps.  That’s easy.  It’s about getting all applications into the integration fold.



In nearly every company there are older applications that are core to the business. These are normally “on-premise” and typically are large and virtually impossible to replace. Integrating to these has traditionally been tough. K3 has a large number of adapters designed to connect to these applications to get the data into K3 and downstream to whatever system you choose. Do your applications have cryptic data? Not a problem. K3 is designed to address that.


In The Cloud

Yes! SaaS is amazing in terms of offering functionality and far lower costs. Similarly, data plumbing is usually simple using K3 API adapters. The enterprise challenge is to integrate SaaS applications AND on-premise Legacy systems for a unified data experience. K3 is uniquely designed for this Hybrid integration.

Private Cloud

Less talked about, but the lower cost and software defined networking enables “not true SaaS” applications to be deployed in a private cloud. This provides pretty substantial hardware savings. But it can also create integration headaches. While in the cloud, these applications typically don’t have the robust APIs you typically see in a true SaaS app. K3 is ready for this. With our library of adapters, K3 is able to automatically get data from anywhere.

The World of SaaS at Your Fingertips

Software as a Service is eating the world. Whether you are looking for a new Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), Customer Relations Management (CRM) or even an Expenses Management tool, K3 has the adaptors necessary to make SaaS integration entirely frictionless.

Your Enterprise & Salesforce

If SaaS applications were a troop of gorillas, Salesforce would be the undisputed silverback. Occasionally challenged by upstarts, this cloud application continues to be our favorite with well documented, robust APIs and great customer relation functionality. But Salesforce is best when it can integrate with your other operational systems. This is what K3 is designed for.

You've Got Financial Data

We've got the application that keeps the CFO's office happy. To close the books on time, the CFO's office needs data in the right format asap! ​This is what K3 is all about. K3 provides the CFO's office the ability to get financial data from any application, transform, filter, validate...right from the user interface. Forget having to ask the IT department to map your new account code scheme and jump right to it!

You've Got Operational Data

Whatever the operational data, K3 is designed to handle massive amounts of operational data. Through K3's intuitive user interface data is cleaned, transformed (aggregated, split, sliced, diced) exactly the way you want it.​