K3’s ETL allows non-technical people to (finally!) get a hold of data, and put it to good use.

If you’re like most companies, your IT department is SUPER overbooked. 

What if you could actually get at the data you need, transform it properly, and flow it to almost any database, data lake, or application. (Yep, even gorgeous Tableau visualizations, which leadership just swoons over.)

All with no coding experience, or majorly stressed out data engineers in sight.

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That's exactly what K3's ETL offers...

With an extensive history in financial markets (and legacy systems), K3 can get your data out of just. about. anywhere.

And is deployable on premise as well as across cloud servers, for sophisticated data prep and transformation.

Beyond the software, we want you to succeed, so we’re here now (and well into the future) to help you reach your business goals. 

With K3, data privacy is guaranteed.

And with one clear price, K3 is easy to scale.

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