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Unlock the information you need from files, applications and databases to get the job done. Use K3 Enterprise to eliminate data pain points so you can focus on driving value for your team and key stakeholders.

What Makes
K3 Unique

It would be nice if just moving data was enough, yet in almost every case data transformation must take place. That’s why K3 enables simple to complex mapping with an intuitive UI. Whether it’s column, deep value or path-dependent mapping, K3 transforms your data without a single line of code.

Every business has unique rules. Every last one. That is why K3 allows users to build data rules right in the user interface. Based on “case” statements of when, then and else, there are few scenarios K3 can’t cover.
What Makes K3 Unique: Data Mapping UI
What makes K3 Unique: Build data rules into UI
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Move data downstream faster and easier with more than 100 connectors

Stream data in real-time on the public cloud, private cloud or on-premise infrastructure with more than 100 pre-built connectors. K3 Enterprise delivers a no-code solution for simple to highly complex data flows. Integrate with legacy and new applications alike regardless of where the data resides, from Amazon Redshift or Snowflake, to files, databases and more.

Align data From any upstream data source

Data prep and integration isn’t always straightforward. Many of today’s integrations require connecting legacy applications on-premise, in the public cloud and/or in a private cloud. When your data spans all three, K3 Enterprise delivers.

Ebook: A Tale of Data Transformation in the Age of No Code

Upskill your data integration with K3 Enterprise

Imagine if you had a roadmap for overcoming data flow limitations. A business response architecture not only increases IT efficiency, but helps define modern data management.

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K3 is a five star, trusted solution to get your data flowing. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself on Capterra.
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