K3 7.0 is here!

A new cloud-native and intuitive user interface, on top of our powerful K3 architecture.

We are excited to announce the release of K3 7.0, the latest version of our enterprise platform. K3 7.0 introduces a new web-based client that provides a highly intuitive user experience and includes many new features to assist enterprises in more easily connecting systems and engaging in data prep for analytics.

Release highlights:

Route Dashboard: Monitor activity across all your routes from a central location and access each route’s components quickly.

Route Config: No more route property files! You can now configure and start your route from end-to-end within the user interface. Update and review your route configuration with an intuitive workflow – you can even switch your input and output adaptors at a moment’s notice.

Data Stream: Real-time view of streaming data for all routes and new, advanced filtering and workflow capabilities.
Fields: Field management now offers visibility into your transformations and direct access to add, remove, and modify mappings and rules.

Mapping: Mapping management helps you to view your full set of mapping dependencies as well as add, and delete, and modify mappings.

Rules: Rule management including rule maintenance, reordering rules, adding rules, and deleting rules.

Reporting: Create SQL scripts to easily query the transformed data in your K3 datastore and download Tableau Data Source Files for quick reporting.

Existing customers that want to upgrade to K3 7.0, contact us at BroadPeak Support at support@broadpeak.wpengine.com.

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