Community Event – Get More Out of ICE

Last week BroadPeak held a community event in Houston in collaboration with ICE. It’s the first in our series of fall events with the exchanges. People from all areas of trading including technology, operations, compliance, risk, etc, gathered to discuss how to get more out of their ICE trade feed.

For those in the know, that’s the ICE Trade Capture API.

In truth, we are working on getting home quicker at the end of the day. Because the last thing anyone wants to hear is…“We’re missing trades.”

That’s the start of a no fun, hunt and peck exercise to figure out what went wrong. Workday disrupted. Instead…

The evening was spent discussing common challenges, questions, and most importantly, solutions over cold beverages.

We’re all solving the same set of issues, albeit within the nuances of our individual organizations. So, listening to how others have approached things can only better inform our decisions. To set context, we first discussed the overall trade “data supply chain”. In other words, all the entities involved in the upstream process before a trade flows to you downstream. Here’s a teaser:

Do you have a handle on how all these entities interact with your trade data? What happens if your clearing accounts aren’t setup correctly? Or why do you trades from a new market not flow automatically? We discussed this and much more.

Here’s another blog post where we have discussed this in the past.

Would you like to join the community at our October and November events with the CME Group and Nodal Exchange?

Email Ryan from our Houston team: and we would be thrilled to welcome you aboard.

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